What makes us different
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- Due to numerous demands of
some commodities and our ernest
desire to satisfy our clients need,
you can  rquest a product of your
need and we will gladly make
sure we provide you only with
the premium quality.

- We can also change our product
specification to suit your specific
- Our prices are moderate and

- We also provide private labeling
upon demand
Fresh Lemon, all sizes available
Fresh Apples, all types are available
Fresh Grapes, All types are available
Fresh Avocado, all sizes available
Fresh Oranges
Fresh Potato
Fresh Ginger
Fresh Garlic
Fresh Carrots
Fresh Cavendish banana
Fresh Tomatoes
Fresh Onion
Sweet Potato
Fresh Mango
Fresh Kiwi Fruit
Fresh Pears
Fresh Strawberry
Fresh Lime
Fresh Bell Pepper
Fresh Plum
Fresh Promegranate
Passion Fruit
Green beans
11 Vooruit street, Laboria Upington ,
Northern Cape,Republic of South Africa
Tel: +27 735621176
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