What makes us different
Recent Purchase
- Due to numerous demands of
some commodities and our ernest
desire to satisfy our clients need,
you can  rquest a product of your
need and we will gladly make
sure we provide you only with
the premium quality.

- We can also change our product
specification to suit your specific
- Our prices are moderate and

- We also provide private labeling
upon demand

                  PRIME AGRO IMPORT and EXPORT PTY LTD prides in supply clients with
only premium quality products. The Company's policy on quality is very clear.
'Eternal vigilance for unvarying quality' is our motto. Negligence, even for a second,
might end in loss of the discerning customers whom we have to satisfy always.
There is no short cut to perfection. It is an ever-upward and steep climb that never
reaches a plateau of restful complacency. We have to constantly watch the farming
practices adopted by our contract farmers, analyze the slightest degradation in the
harvested product, monitor all the processes of pickling and packing and train our
ears carefully for even the slightest sound of disapproval coming from our
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